Thursday, 9 June 2011

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Tips for 2012 Olympic tickets

Tips for 2012 Olympic tickets
The world's biggest sporting event is coming to London in 2012. Approximately 8 million tickets will be available for the 2012 Summer London Olympics. . Best athletes all over the world will compete across 20 Olympic venues. The London Olympics will last 19 days long and held between 25 July and 12 August 2012.
Its going to be very hard for the public to get a ticket. Millions of people want to see this game in stadium. Three premium ticket companies paid the London Organizing Committee (Locog) for the right to 90,000 tickets to market. Some free tickets being offered to schoolchildren in London and others across the country to special cases and special people. London 2012 tickets on sale now a day will be available to ordinary fans. But there is no rush as it does not matter whether you apply today or on the very last day of the process. Just do not forget to apply and cross your finger and hope for the best!
Happy bidding!

There are four different options:
(a)You can book them as part of a travel package
(b) Enter an official ticket lottery,
(c) Get a free ticket under special situation.
(d) Buy them from a broker.
CoSport can serve option one and two for Americans only. You can give a try to buy a ticket through CoSport website. Option four is to use a broker, such as TicketCity  (800/880-8886), buying tickets through brokers is not illegal, at the same time it is not always a safe bet.

Before 26 April 2012, you can buy your tickets. but for this  you need to fill in an application form. I can personally give you some tips which may help you in this section. First of all, you have to decide among 26 types of sports what you want to see. Then specify your type of sport with date and venue. Take a look about your budget. The face value of some tickets has increased almost by 1,000 per cent. Yet Prestige Ticketing will not be the most expensive outlet on the market. One premium ticket agent, Jet Set Sports, will add at least two nights of luxury accommodation to its packages. Coe said: "We're still working through it but I can tell you that it is probably more likely to be 50% for something like the 100m final or the opening ceremony. But that's the way this whole process works." Swimming final Ticket price cost £5,400 for ten people. And in public ballot (March 15) it cost between £50 and £450, depending on quality and distance of seats

The official London 2012 website has a detailed description of who is eligible to witch this game. Check and know that you are eligible or not. You have to submit a paper application form by post or fill one in on line. Some price categories come along with their benefits but still your tickets are not guaranteed .Do not attempt to buy tickets from unauthorized sources.